Family-centered and home-based pediatric speech language services.

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Play & Talk Bilingual Therapy’s brand-new clinic in Glendale is now open in Montrose Plaza at 2233 Honolulu Ave., Ste. 202.

About Play & Talk Bilingual Therapy

Play & Talk Bilingual Therapy’s mission is to provide both clinical and home-based bilingual (English, Spanish, Persian, Armenian, Korean, Russian, French, Mandarin and Vietnamese) speech-language services to the L.A. area pediatric population in order to enhance their verbal/non-verbal communication skills.

Speech Services

We are a small practice driven to help children succeed. These are our Areas of Specialization:

Pediatric Speech & Language Therapy

Family Consultation

Bilingual Speech-Language

English, Spanish, Korean, Armenian, Persian, and Russian.



Bilingual Screenings, Consultations, and Home-Based Evaluation & Treatment

School-Aged Language

Early Intervention

Down Syndrome

Clinical Fellowship Supervision

When to see a Speech Pathologist

Language is one of the most important skills that children develop.
There are several red flags that parents should notice in determining whether their child requires speech-language intervention:

Inability to Make Eye Contact

Most babies start to make eye contact at around three months of age. If an infant fails to make eye contact in the first six months, an immediate consultation is recommended.

Limited Social Interaction

Babies tend to babble between the ages of 4–7 months, make gestures such as pointing between 7–12 months and have an understanding of what parents are saying between 7 months–2 years.

Aggressive Behavior

Sometimes children are unable to express their wants and needs, so they use their body language to talk.

Not Talking at the Expected Age

If your child is 18 months old and is not saying at least 10 words, ask for help, because the sooner you get help, the sooner your child will start talking.


Parents are unable to understand what their child is saying between the ages of 18 months–2 years.

Limited Words

Inability to combine two or more words together by age 2.


By age 2, most children understand more than 300 words.
If your child has trouble understanding simple sentences, such as “get your coat,” it may be time to see a speech therapist.

Number of Sounds

Difficulty making “easy” sounds, such as “P,” “B,” and “M” or saying words between the ages of 2.5–4 years.

Why Hire Play & Talk Bilingual Therapy?

With nearly 20 years of experience, Maricarmen Angeles-Simon, M.A;CCC-SLP, is a bilingual (Spanish-English) American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) member, certified autism specialist, and PROMPT-trained speech-language pathologist (SLP) emphasizing early intervention. She is a vendor with both Frank D. Lanterman and Westside Regional Centers in Los Angeles for which she provides clinical and home-based speech-language services to the pediatric population. She is a mother of two little girls, ages 8 and 6.

Melissa G.

I absolutely love the kindness and enthusiasm of Maricarmen. It has been such a great experience and my son loves her. I noticed a huge progress in just weeks. Words cant describe my gratitude to her.  Thank you for all that you do with my son. We love you”

Isa J.

Maricarmen is an experienced, highly skilled speech pathologist and I believe she is truly gifted in working with children. I wholeheartedly recommend Play and Talk Bilingual Therapy to anyone looking to make a difference in their child’s life

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